Pet Loss – The Enormity of Such Grief

Not everyone understands the grief experienced when an animal friend dies. Those around us may think we are making a big deal of ‘only a dog, cat, or other animal friend’ but that loss is real.  Maybe that animal played a huge part in our way of life, maybe the routine made our happiness and maybe the pet was our only source of contact, comfort and joy.  Indeed, the pain of pet loss affects young and old alike, accounting for huge employment costs for time lost through sickness and increased pressure on the national health service, because the person grieving has no-one to turn to.

I am a qualified person-centred counsellor with over wenty years of experience and I have just topped up my knowledge of bereavement with information relating to pet loss.  I work over the telephone (or Skype), which ensures confidentiality and ask forty pounds per hour, allocating ten percent of my work time to those who cannot pay (chosen upon advice from their referrer).

For a simple chat which is free of charge, please feel free to call me on UK 07895 877 420, or contact me by email at