Reasonable Fees.

I ask fortty pounds (or euro equivalent) per session for telephone counselling and for online counselling (including Skype). Payment is based on mutual honesty, the session being carried out and the payment being sent to either my Paypal account or my personal bank account. After all, counselling is a trusting relationship and we must both be aware of that.

Counselling by Email.

Counselling can also be made available via the Email service, should this prove to be more appropriate to your needs and / or availability (e.g. hearing loss). The hourly rate of twenty pounds (or euro equivalent) is based on a received Email attachment of up to one thousand words in length. Emails will be answered within forty eight hours of my knowledge of their receipt.

One in Ten Clients Free of Charge.

Trust me on this one.  With today’s financial difficulties, I am very aware that some people who are in dire need of counselling support may not be able to pay my modest fees.  At my discretion, I will award free sessions to ten per cent of my clients, in the knowledge of having known financial difficulties myself in the past.

My reward may be in heaven!

Best Wishes.


Qualified Person-Centred Counsellor (1999).

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