About the Counsellor

Hi. My name is Denise and I am a qualified counsellor. Having studied several orientations, I work mostly with the person-centred approach. With twenty years of counselling practice, my experiences to date have allowed me to develop a good knowledge of personal relationships, bereavement, abuse, stress, disability, hearing loss and profound deafness, communication difficulties and also bereavement (plus caring for terminally ill patients).

I have also just recently (December 2016) upgraded my knowledge of counselling, to be able to be there for those who have lost a beloved pet.  Not everyone understands the grief experienced when an animal friend dies.  Those around us may think we are making a big deal of ‘only a dog, cat or other friend’ but that loss is real.  Maybe that animal played a huge part in our way of life, maybe the routine made our happiness and maybe the pet was our only source of contact, comfort and joy.  Indeed, pet loss brings about a huge difficulty in that person’s life but is a pain that others do not necessarily relate to.  Lack of other’s understanding leaves the person grieving with no-one to turn to.

Counselling experience includes:-

John Richardson trust – voluntary work

British Deaf Association – paid employment

James Cook Hospital – both voluntary and paid employment

Private work with GPs and hospitals

Private clients (both face to face and over the phone).

Relevant Qualifications Held – diploma in humanistic counselling / diploma in health and social care / diploma in pet bereavement counselling / up-to-date police check / stage III British Sign Language / disability awareness training + working experience / dysphasia support training + experience / trained mediator + experience.

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