Pet Bereavement.

As a qualified person-centred counsellor with over twenty years of experience, I have just topped up my knowledge of bereavement with information relating to pet loss. Pet bereavement hurts, the loss is equal to that of losing a human being and, for the personal owner, the routine of life is completely destroyed, leaving him or her to find a direction in which they can turn in the search for listening and understanding.  I am that person and I have been there, when it was up to me to make the choice of having my twenty two year old cat put to sleep, to relieve her of the pain and suffering brought on by cancer of the jaw.

I work over the telephone (or Skype), which ensures confidentiality and ask forty pounds per hour, allocating ten percent of my work time freely to those who cannot pay (chosen upon advice from their referrer).

For a simple chat which is free of charge, please feel free to call me on UK 07895 877 420, or contact me by email at



Pet Bereavement Counsellor.

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