About Counselling

There are times in everyone’s lives when the smooth flow of life itself seems to have taken time out and getting on with everyday life becomes a trial, as our minds are pre-occupied by wandering thoughts. During these unsettling times, we sometimes question our own thoughts and feelings, wondering whether we are thinking straight, feeling though we are hanging on by a thread, or lost forever.

Person-centred counselling is a skill where the counsellor works with the individual, getting to grips with how it feels to be that person, experiencing the same journey, without being judgmental. This journey allows the individual to closely examine his / her own feelings, to independently find solutions, to improve his / her own future. Looking into the past can sometimes prove painful and, when working on feelings and emotions, clients must realise that it is possible that they may indeed feel worse, before showing gains.

Approaching a counsellor can be very daunting. Working by telephone frees the client from the stresses of having to arrive at a known and identifiable location, or bumping into a familiar face on route. Working by telephone can therefore increase one’s comfort, regarding confidentiality.

Should counselling prove to support your needs, you can agree to talk at a time and frequency, which meets both your needs and availability. Although it is usual to agree to work together for at least four sessions (at which point you are able to assess whether you will benefit from further sessions), you are free to call a halt to counselling, at any time (i.e. one session or after several).

Remember, you are in charge.

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